35p A Minute Chat

CALL NOW – 0982 505 3704
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(Call cost 35p per minute plus network access charges apply. Helpline: 0333 200 2321. All users must be aged over 18+ and have the bill payers permission. PO6538 NN2 7YN. Payments@livelinesuk.com.)

35p A Minute Chat

35p a minute adult phone sex chat is here and it is filthy as fuck and lets you live out your wildest fantasies. If you are looking for phone sex with one of these phone sex girls then know before you call that you are in for a wild ride because these adult sex lines are the place these wenches come to let their hair down and they are always looking for fucked up and depraved ways of getting their kicks. They come on our sex lines to dirty talk about the things that get their cunts juicy and wet and whether you are into group sex, hardcore anal sex, dogging, spanking, domination, food play, adult babying, public encounters, phone sex confessions or anything else you will find one of these phone sluts that is like-minded and gagging for a good time.


There are so many on our debauched adult sex lines that you only have to listen to the phone sluts online right now and pick one that jumps out at you and seconds later you could be having a dirty talk fuck fest that ends with your blowing your load all over them. If you are not overly bothered about who you go through to and want to make it a surprise then get ready for a shock because the phone sex loving bitches on our 35p a minute fuck lines are more full on and fucked up than you can imagine. They have chosen to come onto our dirty talk sex lines because this is where they get fucked as many times as they can manage and not get off the phone until their cunts are red raw and sore. Even then this would not be enough because they are literally addicted to being slammed full of man meat and will do anything it takes to get you so hard that you have to bend them over and slam your aching man meat deep inside their tight holes.

If you are looking for something cheap but still as extreme and hardcore as it gets then pick up the phone because the phone sex girls on our adult sex lines are as nasty as it gets.


Our dirty talk phone sex lines are open all the time so whatever the time is you only have to pick up the phone and seconds later you could be slamming your aching dick in and out of one of these foul mouthed wenches. You are going to be blown away that for only 35p a minute sex chat can be so fucked up and obscene. The fact that it is so cheap means that you do not have to rush and you can really enjoy yourself and build up to an orgasm that leaves your body shaking and you panting for breath. At this price you can call for some demented phones ex as many times as you can manage and know that it isn’t going to leave you with a ridiculously high phone bill. Dirty talk with these sexy phone sluts really is as x rated and hardcore as it fucking gets.

CALL NOW – 0982 505 3704

(Calls cost 35p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge)


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